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Welcome to the web site of St. Joseph Basilica in Alameda, CA, a parish in the Diocese of Oakland, CA.
On this site there is information about our church and location, our schools and parish community. You will also find our history, and the most important aspect of our life together, the celebration of the sacraments.

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

imageThe fact that we are all born crying anticipates a life of sorrows we are going to face.But some people are quitepessimistic and hopeless in facing suffering; some others are more optimistic for they see suffering as the faith solution through which grace comes. Who are you among these people? Jesus in the Gospel of this 22nd Sunday tells us that if we want to follow him, we have to take up our daily crosses andfollow him. There is a man who always complains that the cross he carries is too heavy. God appears to him one day and gives him a dozen of the crosses, then tells him that he can take any cross he likes. Of course, he picks the smallest one. He is very happy with it. He continues his journey. On the way, he sees people carrying heavy crosses. He mocks them and thinks that he is the luckiest one. When he approaches heavenly home, he finds that there is a small deep creek between heaven and earth. In order to cross over that creek, people use their cross as a bridge to pass over. In his turn, the man also puts his cross down, but his cross is too small and short to span the creek. The consequence is that he is not able to across the creek. He stands there crying while watching people joyfully going to heaven.

Suffering is part of our life. So our question should not be why we suffer but how to embrace it. We are not called to hide to wait for the storm to pass, but to be able to dance in the rain. Or as Peter Kreeft once said: “Life without suffering would produce spoiled brats, and tyrants, not joyful saints.” We cannot know all God’s reasons. The expression of God’s love may include suffering. And we have to understand that the way God loves us is different from the way we love each other. In other words, the concept of love in God’s mind is different from ours. Usually, when we love someone, we give him or her a kiss, a chocolate bar, a rose, a diamond ring, but when God loves someone, He not only gives him or her the rose, but also the cross (the suffering). If the crucifix is the sign of the Father’s love for his Son, then it is not difficult to understand that suffering is also a sign of God’s love for us. God wants us to be strong and faithful to him through the test of suffering, for the more we suffer, the more we hunger for God. We only need water when we are thirsty. Likewise, we only need God when we thirst for Him.

In conclusion, in any circumstances, we should always praise and thank God for the gift of creation and life that He graciously gave to us. Though life has some suffering, as St. Paul said, “Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (Rom 5:20). God’s love covers all the earth. All is God’s grace.


Fr. Thi Hoang

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Lilian Saber, funeral service at Greer Family on Saturday, Aug 8, 6:30pm

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Sept 6: JustFaith introduction - 10: am to noon in the Parish Center

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Sept 13: Covenant of Love Date Night

Sept 14: Family Mass at 9:30am

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