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Welcome to St. Joseph Basilica

Welcome to the web site of St. Joseph Basilica in Alameda, CA, a parish in the Diocese of Oakland, CA.
On this site there is information about our church and location, our schools and parish community.
You will also find our history, and the most important aspect of our life together, the celebration of the sacraments.

Thirteeth Sunday of Ordinary Time


I bless the LORD who counsels me

For all that has been, Thanks. To all that shall be, Yes.

Dear beloved parishioners of St. Joseph Basilica,

I truly don’t know how to express my gratitude and thanks to you for all that you have done for me since I have been assigned to this parish: your prayers, your support, your generosity, your hospitality, your friendliness and your smiles. They all make me feel at home.

To be honest, I was a little nervous before I came to the Basilica. I had lots ofquestions in my head. I wondered what would my first assignment be like; how I could handle my pastoral ministries as a baby priest; would people accept and understand my “Vietnamenglish”, etc. However, these anxieties disappeared right after I came to the parish. Your hospitality and kindness made me feel very welcomed and my transition time went smoothly. I felt right away a sense of belonging. I said to myself I finally found a home. I will never forget these three years of honeymoon with all of you.

So thank you for inspiring my vocation, my priestly zeal and passion with your love and piety for the Lord, with your acts of charity and service to his people in the Church. I am also thankful to you for your prayers  and support, for without God’s help and your prayers, I could not grow in my vocation to this point. Praise the Lord and thank you very much, my dear parishioners.

Now it is time for me to say farewell to all of you even though I don’t like to. It is time for me to get out of such a comfort zone for a new adventure the Lord has entrusted to me. I have to keep going on my journey of priestly ministry. So for a while you won’t see me, a skinny baby priest walking around, chatting with you several times, but still asking: “what’s your name again?” You know I am really bad with names. But I will work on this. I promise. Anyway, from here am I going to St. John the Baptist parish in San Lorenzo for possibly another three-year assignment as a Parochial Vicar. If you would like to come by to visit me, (continued)

Love you dearly in Christ,

Fr. Thi

  • Pictures from the Mass of Confirmation, April 15 2016. Read more...

Quo Vadis Camp- Where are you going? Vocation Discernment to priesthood

Quo-Vadis-2016Young men between the ages 13-18 are invited for a weekend dedicated to discerning their vocation and fostering their relationship with God.

Registration: Get your Pastor’s signature for endorsement to attend. Mail the registration form along with permission & health authorization/release form, and $50 check payable to the Vocations Office, Diocese of Oakland. Download registration form.

Faith Direct- Online Giving. 

I’d like to remind you about the value of the new eGiving option through Faith Direct. It offers some important advantages over the current Sunday envelopes: It’s green. Less paper. Less postage. No need to mail envelopes every two months. It’s labor saving. Less work for those who count and deposit the collection each week; less effort for you with no need to write a check. It helps parish finances. Vacation time can cause a big drop in the Sunday offering, even though the parish expenses continue. The predictable and steady income provided by eGiving allows us to better support our ongoing parish ministries. 

You can fill out the form available at church or mailed to your home and return it to the Parish Office or drop it in the collection basket, or register online HERE and use our parish code CA702. They also offer personalized offertory cards to replace your envelopes so you can continue to participate in the physical act of giving during Mass. Please give eGiving your prayerful consideration, and give envelopes a permanent vacation this summer. 

Fr. George Alengadan